Coming Soon; an energy challenge designed to make you money while you save the planet…

Having spoken to lots of fellow Canadians; they all want to be greener but find the lifestyle too expensive for them to afford so I came up with a way for people to make money as they engage in greener living. As an applied economist; I have developed a theory based on how combining the collective self-interest with crowd-to-own-crowd-funding will result in a win-win for all players involved. The collective-self interest is evident by how human like to operate in groups. This is proven by the very existence of Facebook alone. Crowd-funding or crowd-sourcing also works and has helped many raise funds to operate businesses without taking on loans.

I am presenting a crowd-to-own-crowd-funding strategy where the pool of funds gathered is returned to the best performers in this same crowd by lowering their own energy bills. I am presenting to you a very real way towards maximal energy conservation and an increase to disposable incomes necessary to make a more permanent switch to a greener lifestyle. I also found that the only obstacle holding people back from living greener is that they cannot financially afford to do so. We can innovate green solutions all we want BUT we cannot move forwards with switching to a greener lifestyle as a planet until most people can afford all green solutions. I am targeting the very 2 issues holding our planet back from becoming greener; they are:

1) Making the behavioral change, over and over until there is no more % change left in energy savings/conservation; and

2) being able to afford the greener lifestyle by rewarding our new behavioral change with money and once we reach our most efficient energy status; we then develop communities where these players become mentors with access to points for greener products, solutions, cars or entertainment [ Eco-vacationing and so much more including discounts and VIP events].

Email me if you are an interested manufacturer of a greener, natural product that actually works and want your products to be given away as prizes to other game players; or if you are interested in sponsoring this initiative. Just click on the Twitter and LinkedIn icons below to connect with me for the latest updates.

Aula Beseiso, Founder
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